Ranging from the underserved to specific medical populations, free clinics are a great way to gain experience working with patients to not only solidify what you learned that day in class but give back to the Columbus community.

Asian Free Clinic
Provides services to empower the diverse Asian community of central Ohio and meet its ever-changing needs.
Location: 4700 Reed Road, Suite B, Upper Arlington, OH 43220

Columbus Free Clinic
What We Do:
For Patients:

  • We see between 25 and 45 patients every Thursday night from 6-10 PM.
  • We serve as both an acute care clinic and a primary care home.
  • In addition, we provide lab services and prescription medications at no cost to the patient.

For Students & Doctors:

  • Medical students have the opportunity to practice their interview and medical exam skills.
  • Pharmacy students have the opportunity to practice counseling and preparing prescriptions.
  • Physicians supervise and teach students in a supportive, low pressure environment.

Location: Rardin OSU Family Practice Center, 2231 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: (614) 404-8417 – All messages are checked and returned on Thursday night.

Columbus Free Clinics Alliance
The Columbus Free Clinics Alliance was established in 2011 as a sort of venue for all the free clinics of Columbus to meet together, share ideas, compile resources, and help each other out in running the clinics. Together, we hope to provide the underserved in the Columbus community with a more standardized and organized healthcare system. By sharing our knowledge, we can provide our patients with access to more free or discounted healthcare facilities and other resources.

The Noor Community Clinic
The Noor Community Clinic is a new free clinic in Columbus that opened in January 2010. It is a collaboration between local Muslim physicians and the Ohio State University to provide medical care to the entire under-served population of Columbus. The clinic is open on Wednesday evenings (5:00 – 9:00 pm).
Location: Rardin OSU Family Practice Center, 2231 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201
Phone: 614-516-3075

Physicians Free Clinic
The Physicians Free Clinic/Voluntary Care Network (PFC/VCN) is the largest coordinator of voluntary health care services in Franklin County with over 1000 primary/specialty care doctors and 12 hospitals participating. The PFC/VCN connects low-income, uninsured residents with medical homes and improves access (reduce delays) to specialty care. Care coordination addresses the needs of patients as they navigate the health care system and works to provide them with the resources necessary to obtain appropriate health care services.
Who We Serve:

  • Low income patients (< 200% of poverty)
  • Uninsured
  • Immigrants- Adults and Children

Services Provided:
The Physicians Free Clinic provides primary and specialty care. Primary care is offered on a walk-in basis, while appointments are required for specialty care by doctor referral.

  • Care Coordination
  • Primary Care
  • Specialty Care such as Neurology, Dermatology, Urology, etc.
  • Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy
  • Vision Services
  • Lab and Diagnostic Tests
  • CODA Diabetes Screening
  • Nutrition/ Diabetes Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Prescription Medications
  • Medical Interpreters

Monday evenings except holidays recognized by the City of Columbus.
From 4:30PM-10PM with registration beginning at 4:30 p.m.
*Space is limited and patients are encouraged to arrive on time

Location: 2nd Floor, Columbus Health Department, 240 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205

  • COTA provides bus service to this intersection. The COTA bus line is the #2 and runs until 11:45 p.m.
  • During the Physicians Free Clinic, the main entrance to the Health Department is locked. Please enter through the rear entrance.


Xenos Free Clinic
The Services provided at no cost to the individual, are:

  • Basic health-care services for the poor and homeless
  • Referrals to other agencies for specialized or long-term medical care
  • Opportunities for spiritual growth for those who are interested

The clinic is staffed entirely by volunteers. The time commitment for each volunteer is a once a month shift of three-to-four hours. All volunteers are asked to arrive by 5:30 pm.

Medical staff: doctors & nurses
Non-medical staff: registration, prayer team, greeters and nightly coordinators.

  • No appointments accepted
  • Patients need to be signed in between 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Patients are generally seen on a first come first served basis
  • No payment of any kind is accepted
  • We cannot see patients with any form of insurance including Medicare or Medicaid
  • Laboratory work, X-Rays & Specialist referrals can be arranged
  • We are unable to provide school physicals, pregnancy testing, workers compensation claims or disability claims

40 N. Chicago Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43222
1934 N. Fourth Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201
Phone: (614) 823-6510 x840

 How to add your name to the Free Clinic List Serve
  1. go to https://lists.service.ohio-state.edu/mailman/listinfo/medfreeclinic
  2. enter your e-mail address (name and password are unnecessary) and click subscribe
  3. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail that asks you to click on a link to confirm your subscription to the list. Do so.
  4. Your browser will open and you will again click a button that tells you to subscribe. You’re done in seconds!

To send an e-mail to the medfreeclinic listserv, send your e-mail to medfreeclinic@lists.osu.edu

To remove your name from the Free Clinic List Serve
  1. again go to https://lists.service.ohio-state.edu/mailman/listinfo/medfreeclinic
  2. enter the same e-mail address in the box at the bottom and click the button that says unsubscribe.
  3. Your browser will take you to another page where you will check the box that says, “Yes, I really want to unsubscribe” and then click the button that says unsubscribe.
Power User Tip: Automatically Send Free Clinic List Serve Emails to a Folder

*Note that you must be using Internet Explorer for this to work. Mac users, this is something that you only have to do once and is worth your time setting up in a computer lab.

  1. Create a new Free Clinics folder in webmail by right clicking on Inbox –> Create New Folder
  2. Go to Options -> Rules in the upper right corner of webmail
  3. Select New Rule –> Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder
  4. Give the new rule a name at the bottom of the window (e.g. Free Clinics)
  5. Select the underlined specific words option and add [Medfreeclinic]
  6. Select the underlined specified folder and choose the new Free Clinics folder that you created
  7. Enjoy a spam free inbox!  Check the Free Clinics folder only when you want to take someone else’s place!