For those starting a group or keeping one up and running, The Ohio State University and the College of Medicine provide many resources to students. Make sure you are registered with OSU and please let us know if we can offer any assistance – Student Council does provide funding but also check with IPC and OSU for additional funding opportunities to help maximize your group’s potential!

Student Council Reimbursement Request Form

***Note*** You have 90 days from the time of your event to complete and turn in this information. Requests for reimbursement > 90 days will be denied (the reason is so that we can let interest groups know if the funding reserve runs out so that we don’t have to deny funding to people at the end of the year who were expecting to get reimbursed.).

In order to be reimbursed by the student council for your purchase please print out the form below and follow these steps AND your event must be added to the Student Council Calendar (on this website):

1. Make a copy of your original receipt and keep it until your reimbursement comes through.

2. Download the Student Council Reimbursement Request Form and fill it out and email it to the Treasurer

3. Once you have submitted the Reimbursement Request Form, allow for 72 hours for a confirmation from the treasurer.

4.  Please allow 30 days for your request to go through.

6. Once your check has been processed, you will receive an email from Barb Ferguson stating that you have a check to be picked up.

7. If it has been more than 30 days, or you have other questions please contact the student council treasurer, Jason Campbell – at

***Note*** Requests will be denied if submitted over 90 days past the event (the reason is so that we can let interest groups know if the funding reserve runs out so that we don’t have to deny funding to people at the end of the year who were expecting to get reimbursed.).

Steps to Starting a New Student Group

Starting a student group can be a great service to the College of Medicine students. They will have opportunities to serve, become familiar with different fields of medicine and experience a leadership role.

To start a new interest group you need to do 3 things:

  1. Meet with Eileen Mehl, in Student Life, to get approval and to discuss your new student group’s role at OSUCOM. First, take a look at the current student groups to make sure there isn’t one with your purpose already in existence.
  2. Register with the Ohio Union which involves:
    • Asking a faculty or staff to be your group’s advisor (usually an M.D. on faculty here).
    • Drafting a constitution – no need to reinvent the wheel, you could just modify an existing interest group’s constitution (a sample constitution is on the Union site).
    • Meeting the other requirements for registration with the Ohio Union.
  3. Notify the Student Council once you’re registered with the Union. You can then host group events and be reimbursed for up to $300 for your group’s events (free lunch, t-shirts, etc). You also can send us a blurb about your student group to put on the Student Council website and we encourage you to use our Student Groups calendar here to advertise your events!

To get started registering with the Union click here. For questions or help with any of these instructions contact one of your Student Council representatives.

Thank you for starting your group and adding to the culture of The Ohio State University College of Medicine!

Resources From The Ohio Union

Registration: click here to register with The Ohio Union
Funding: click here to read about obtaining funding from the Ohio Union
Free Stuff: click here to see available resources from the Ohio Union (printing, Coca-Cola, other)

Reserve a Room For Your Meeting

For reserving either a meeting room or AV equipment. When reserving a room, you must know who the advisor is for your organization and provide the information requested. After completing and submitting the online form, you will receive an immediate notice telling you that your form has been received and that you will be notified by the end of the next business day if the room you have requested is confirmed or not.

Reserve your meeting room here!


Instructions for ListServs

For information on setting up and joining ListServs, please see the link below.

ListServ setup


Instructions to add your Student Group to the College of Medicine Student Groups list

Add your group’s leaders to the Med Student Groups email list serve.

This is a list serve for students holding leadership positions in ANY of the student groups here at OSU College of Medicine.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list serve click here.

Add your Group to the OSU COM Student Groups Contact information.

The Google Doc with the OSU COM Student groups contact info is found here.  (Link coming soon!)

Add your Group’s Events to the Student Council Calendar

Click here for instructions on how to add an event!